Drywall sheets are an important material in any residential or commercial building construction project. Almost every residential or commercial building uses drywall boards to create the interior walls and ceiling. Understanding the different types and sizes of drywall will help you choose the right sheet for your remodelling project.

What is Drywall

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To understand what type of drywall you will need for your home renovation project, you first have to know what drywall is. Drywall board is a flat panel that is made of gypsum rock that crushed into a powder-like substance and compressed in between two sheet of sturdy paper. Drywall sheets are attached to a wooden or metal housing frame with drywall screws or nails.

Types of Drywall

There are several different types of drywall. Choosing the right drywall for your room is essential if you want it to last for years. The different drywall types include:

Standard or Regular Drywall

Standard or regular drywall is the most common type of drywall. The compressed gypsum powder is typically white in colour and held in place by brown or gray coloured thick paper. This standard type of drywall is perfect for walls, drywall ceilings, and basement refinishing projects. Drywall tape and mud is used to merge on sheet to another to give your walls and ceiling a seamless look. Regular drywall can be primed and painted. It comes in different thicknesses and sizes.

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Moisture and Mould Resistant Drywall

Moisture and mould resistant drywall board is green in colour and a special coating on a paperless backing to protect it from moisture damage and mould formation. This type of drywall sheet is perfect areas that are prone to high moisture levels like bathrooms, kitchens, mud or utility rooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Fire Resistant Drywall

Fire resistant drywall is thicker than standard drywall sheets and is made of compressed non-combustible fibers like glass particles to provide better protection from smoke and fire. Because of its thicker density, it harder to cut than other drywall boards. Fire resistant drywall is required by many building codes in apartment or rental properties, garages, where wood stoves and fire places are located, and other areas where there is a safety risk. The thick, non-combustible panels produce less smoke and prevent fires from spreading quickly. Fire resistant drywall also acts as a great sound insulator because it is denser.

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Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall panels are made thicker so noise cannot travel as easily from one room to the next. It is made by gluing two gypsum drywall sheets together with a noise-reducing adhesive core. Soundproof drywall boards are perfect for walls or ceilings in almost any room or basement where you want to reduce external noise levels.

Plaster Baseboard

Plaster baseboard is a water resistant, specialty type of drywall that is used for veneer plaster projects. Because it has special absorption qualities, blue board type of drywall is great for bathroom renovation projects and other high-moisture areas. This type of board cannot be taped, mudded, or painted. The blue paper is specially made to hold plaster coating.

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Paperless Drywall

Paperless drywall sheets use fiberglass instead of paper so it is more durable and resistant to moisture damage or mould. It is a great for high moisture or humidity rooms. Paperless drywall sheets cost $0.10 to $0.75 more per square foot than standard drywall sheets.

Drywall Sizes

There are three common drywall sizes available. They are commonly hung vertically but can also be applied to walls horizontally.

4 x 8 foot sheet – is the most common size of drywall board. It a multipurpose size that is used on walls, repairs, drywall ceilings, and patchwork.

4 x 10 foot sheet – is great for expansive drywall ceilings or tall walls because it provides a smoother surface.

4 x 12 foot sheet – is the longest drywall sheet size available. It is best in rooms that have high ceilings because you will use less sheets to cover the area and have fewer seams.

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Drywall Thickness

Gypsum boards come in four common drywall thicknesses. They are:

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¼ Inch – is the thinnest drywall sheet on the market. It is most commonly used to cover old wall surfaces to help hide blemishes and minor damage. Because the drywall sheets are so thin, they are easy to manipulate onto your desired surface or area.

3/8 inch – this drywall thickness is commonly used to repair patches. It is easy to manipulate so it works great on curved walls.

½ inch – is the most common size in interior wall construction because it is easy to carry and install. It comes in standard ½ inch thickness and ½ inch ultralight. Ultralight boards are 13 pounds lighter than standard drywall boards.

5/8 inch – is the thickest type of drywall. Most commonly seen in fire resistant and soundproof drywall sheets. This thick board is great for drywall ceilings because it is less likely to sag over time.

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Alternatives to Drywall

Other drywall alternatives are also available to use for your walls and ceilings including:

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Real wood panels are popular because they create a contemporary, natural look to your room. Wood panels are heavier and more expensive than drywall.

Textured wall panels are great for covering blemishes because they add beautiful texture and elegant style to your walls.

Wahoo walls have a polystyrene foam core that helps maintain your room’s temperature. The lightweight panels are easier to instal than drywall sheets.


  1. Is There a Standard Drywall Thickness?

    Drywall boards come in four different thicknesses. The most common drywall thickness is ½ inches.

  2. Is There Thin Drywall?

    The thinnest drywall sheet is ¼ inches thick.

  3. How Much Does a Sheet of Drywall Weigh?

    The weight of a drywall board depends on its size and thickness. A standard ½ inch drywall sheet 4 x 8 feet in size weighs 50 pounds.

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