It’s important to have a drywall company you can trust. When you choose Carsie Drywall Taping, you can expect flawless and professional drywall installation service. We use only high-quality materials and will be happy to recommend the right type for your home.

Drywall Installation North York

Drywall Contractors North York-Drywall Installation North York

Since 2002, Carsie Drywall Taping has been serving homeowners across the GTA with expert drywall installation services.

Our experienced team of staff offers accurate and flawless installation services.

We promise to serve excellence with experience and ensure that your home looks brand new. 

There are a variety of different types of drywall to choose from. It can be tough to know which one is right for your home, but our experts are here to help!

Here are the types of drywall for residential or commercial buildings that you can choose from:

Whiteboard – this is the most common option, especially for residences, because it’s affordable and long-lasting

Green board drywall – this option is best for homes that are susceptible to moisture and typically found behind the kitchen, bathroom, and basement tiles

Blue board drywall – another popular option for bathrooms thanks to its high water and mold resistance

Paperless drywall – made of fiberglass, this paperless option protects against mildew and mold

Purple drywall – offers maximum mold and moisture protection, and works for both walls and ceilings

Type X drywall – used as a fire resistance tactic, this material works best in garages, kitchens, and apartment buildings

Soundproof – this option helps to muffle sound and cut down on noise transfer

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Drywall Taping North York

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Our team is made up of experienced contractors that offer drywall taping services that surpass the highest standards in the industry.

This is due to our commitment to timely delivery, attention to detail, professional installation, and a customizable design that’s built to last.

Carsie Drywall and Taping Solutions is a trusted name in North York home and commercial renovation.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Carsie Drywall and Taping Solutions offer a wide array of services to both residential and commercial clients with popcorn ceiling removal.

You can trust that the material will be safely removed without spreading hazardous remnants.

Our technicians have received thorough training to safely and efficiently complete this task.

And since we have the latest tools and technology, we use a special technique to remove the ceiling without spreading any dust.

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Suspended Ceiling Installation

Suspended Ceiling Installation-Drywall Contractors North York

A suspended ceiling, or a false ceiling, is a popular option as it instantly makes your space feel more elegant.

They typically sit on metal tracks and are suspended from the original ceiling with wiring. Because of this, it’s important to ensure everything is fitted accurately.

It’s recommended to have a minimum of six inches of separation between your suspended and original ceiling and can go up to 13-15 inches.

This allows you to heat the area more effectively, offers another layer of soundproofing, and it increases the aesthetic appeal.

Metal Framing

We can provide metal framing installation for homeowners, custom builders, drywall contractors, and even architects in the North York area.

Our services are created to meet the specific and unique needs of our clients.

Our professional staff specializes in precision and impressive attention to detail.

Our installation services are unmatched and come with minimal interruptions so call us today to get started. 

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Why Choose Us

Carsie Drywall Taping has become a staple in both commercial and residential renovations across North York. This is due to our years of experience, using only high-quality materials, providing customizable solutions, and competitive pricing. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

  • We offer free estimate and consultation to our customers
  • We use the latest tools and technology for both installation and removal.
  • As professionals, we work quickly and effectively while making sure there are minimal interruptions during the process.
  • We follow a systematic process which ensures clear communication and completion of the task on-time.
  • We have a quick response rate to your service request.
  • With a professional and friendly staff, we offer maximum customer satisfaction.

Call us today and get the right wall or ceiling!