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For a well-finished drywall ceiling, trust only Carsie Solutions. We are a group of professionals who take pride in the quality of work we do and strive to maintain our reputation with every project. We have years of experience in offering customized and unique drywall ceilings for your home, office or retail space. Our client base includes architects, contractors, custom builders as well as homeowners. We proudly serve a variety of clients across GTA and offer the best drywall ceiling services in the business.

Drywall Ceiling Repair Services

Every space has different drywall needs, and we cater to them all. With a variety of drywall repair services, Carsie Solutions is your one-stop shop. We recommend acting on ceiling damages as soon as you notice them. If a ceiling is not repaired properly, it can damage the adjacent walls and can also cause major weakening of the structure of your house. Looking for the following causes of drywall damage can also help you identify that your drywall needs repair:

  • Check for water damage on the side or top of your ceiling.
  • If your house is prone to termites, it might damage your ceiling as well.
  • Poorly constructed houses are also prone to damaged drywalls.
  • Lack of maintenance can cause drywall issues along with other structural issues.
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If you notice any of these causes damaging your drywall, don’t worry. Our team of professionals are highly skilled in:

  • Repairing the ceiling frames
  • Soundproofing the ceiling systems
  • repairing cracks on the ceiling
  • removing or extending ceilings
  • adding stylish ceiling textures
  • installing new drywal

If you want the most professional drywall ceiling installation, look nowhere else. With a team of skilled staff, Carsie Solutions the most up-and-coming designs as well as some unique designs to make your ceilings come to life. We are professionals in a variety of ceiling installations including waffle ceiling, classic popcorn ceiling, stylish drop ceiling and many more.


  1. What types of drywall is used for the ceiling?

    Based on your requirements, there are a variety of drywall materials that you can choose from. It is important to have the right thickness for your ceiling. It is common for homeowners to pick ⅝ inch drywall which is fire-resistant. However, you can call us and we will recommend the right drywall material for you.
    Depending on your requirements you can choose from a variety of other drywalls including mold-resistant as well as moisture resistant drywall.

  2. What is the difference between ceiling drywall and regular drywall?

    While the regular drywall is used to make side walls, ceiling drywall is used as the top shed. It becomes important to choose a sturdy ceiling drywall especially when you have a floor above you. That is why ceiling drywalls are thicker than regular drywalls.

  3. What is drywall made of?

    Most drywall is made of gypsum which is the main component along with paper and additives including resin, clay and mica.

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Our staff is always happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the perfect drywall ceiling. Call us today!